HealthZone offers the AlterG, an anti-gravity treadmill that creates a powerful lifting force that allows for ultra-low impact ambulation. The FDA has cleared the AlterG for use in the following conditions:
  • Lower body injury and surgery rehabilitation
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Weight control and reduction
  • Sport specific conditioning programs
  • Neurologic retraining
For performance enhancement, users can train longer, run faster, gain additional strength and enhance cardiovascular performance. This treadmill allows for:
  • Overspeed training
  • Interval training
  • Lateral movement training
  • Backwards running drills up to 10mph in reverse
  • Hill training at up to 15% incline

Learn More About AlterG at Health Zone

AlterG training sessions and packages are available for purchase. Please call 918-494-8222 for more details. 
Watch the AlterG video below for additional promotional information about this treadmill. This video was provided by AlterG and is for promotional purposes only.