Aquatic Classes

Swimming is a low-impact sport that improves endurance and builds muscle mass. Because of these features, it is a great option for athletes are rehabbing and people with arthritis or other joint pain. 

Aquatics at Health Zone

Health Zone at Saint Francis gears classes toward beginners and experienced swimmers alike. Modest swim wear is required. Don't forget to hydrate before, during and after any fitness class, including swimming.

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Aquatic Classes Available at Health Zone

Exercise Pool

Fluid Fusion: One hour of choreographed routines targeting cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility in a stress-free, low-impact environment. Advanced level for fit older adults.

Aqua Motion: Choreographed routines targeting cardio fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility in a stress-free, low-impact environment. Appropriate for older adults.

Joint Efforts Aquatics: Meets the needs of people living with arthritis by helping to reduce pain and stiffness, and increase joint mobility, strength and endurance. Must be able to enter and exit pool independently. Incorporates health education elements.

Basic Aquatics: Gentle, non-jarring session performed in the comfort of warm water.

Aqua Fusion: One hour of aerobic conditioning and resistance training using a variety of equipment. For the fit individual.

Aqua Boot Camp: A water workout utilizing intervals of higher intensity exercises with lower intensity recovery segments.

Aqua Pump: A workout that combines cardiovascular training and body toning.

Aqua Zone-ba: A water workout combining dance and fitness movements with Latin music flair.

Family Swim: Our family swim time is available to all members and their immediate family members under the age of 14.The purpose of this activity is to promote family fitness. The group exercise pool and the west half of the gymnasium are available for use during the designated times. An adult is required to accompany all children in each area.

Lap Pool

Aqua Jogger: Cool water suspended exercises utilizing a buoyancy belt. This non-impact class can also help speed recovery of overstrained muscles and joints. For the experienced water exerciser.

Extreme Aqua: An advanced water workout. Buoyancy/resistance cuffs are used instead of buoyancy belts. Cuffs are buckled around the lower leg/foot to provide buoyancy and at the same time more resistance. This class is for those with strong water skills.

Additional Information

Health Zone at Saint Francis is a medically-based fitness facility open to the local community. Interested in learning more? Print a free week pass and try us out. For questions, or to schedule a tour, please call 918-494-1671.

 Please Note:
  • All classes are coed
  • The lap pool will be closed during organized classes
  • Child care is available during specified times
  • Class schedule subject to change