Group Exercise and Specialty Classes

Group Exercise Classes
Mind, Body and Specialty Classes

For additional information about group exercise and specialty classes, stop at the member services desk, or call 918-494-1671.

Studio A

Bench and Sculpt: This interval class combines weight-conditioning segments with benchstepping for a complete workout.

Bench Blast: A one-hour class based on the stair-climbing concept. It combines leg and arm movements to give a low-impact/high-intensity workout.

Body Flex: A one-hour barbell class utilizing a three-pound bar and adjustable weights for a complete strength training/fat-burning workout. Can be adapted to any fitness level.

Zumba: Dance your way to fitness! Zumba is a high energy, fat burning and body sculpting workout that combines unique Latin and international dance rhythms. Zumba is a motivating way to lose weight, workout and have fun!

RIPPED (Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, Diet): RIPPED is a 60-minute, high intensity training class. Participants may burn 750 to 1,000 calories per class through different challenges to the body and changing focus every six to nine minutes. In class, you will use free weights, body weight and resistance training while being motivated by fun music. RIPPED is effective, tough and doable for all fitness levels.

3-2-1 and Done!: 3-2-1 and Done! is an express workout. The class consists of six-minute mini workouts that emphasize strength, cardio and core strengthening. It offers a high intensity, fast-paced, non-stop workout for participants of all fitness levels. This is the class for people who do not have time.

Piloxing: Piloxing is a non-stop mix of Pilates, dance and boxing moves that progress in three-minute rounds, alternating sculpting exercises from ballet and Pilates, with power punches and fancy footwork culled from boxing. It's a fast-paced and effective workout for burning fat and toning muscles.

Studio B

Facets of Fitness: Advanced one-and-a-quarter hour workout. This class incorporates an aerobic workout with flexibility, balance training coordination and strength exercises. Appropriate for older adults.

Flex & Back Care: A 75-minute class utilizing resistance equipment for a complete strength training workout. Combined with a combination of dynamic and static stretching to help strengthen the low back and increase flexibility.

Joint Efforts: This is an exercise class designed for people with arthritis. Gentle exercises increase joint flexibility, range of motion and maintain muscle strength. Participants must be able to get in and out of a chair independently. This one-hour class incorporates relaxation and health education.


Pilates Mat:*A system of dynamic exercises designed to stretch and strengthen muscles. All movements are generated from the core muscles combining movement, breathing and rhythm. Can be adapted for any fitness level.

Pilates Lite: Beginner-intermediate level mat class.


Yoga Stretch: Gentle Hatha Yoga plus a combination of dynamic and static stretching to improve joint, range of motion and muscle elasticity.

Hatha Yoga:* This class incorporates physical postures, breathing practices and relaxation to harmonize body, mind and spirit. For all ages and fitness levels.

Living Well Yoga:* A beginning to intermediate Hatha yoga practice that is fully integrated with Christian spirituality (i.e. scripture). Class is 60 minutes and open to all levels. Class led by instructor Greg McCann. The purpose of the practice is to improve flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and circulation. In addition to the physical benefits, the intention is to leave participants with reflections on how one may more fully integrate their Christian faith into all aspects of their lives.

Yoga Mix:* A mixed-level yoga class for everyone. It includes thematic asanas for increasing strength and flexibility, breathing and meditation. Good for de-stressing, balancing and energizing the body, mind and spirit.

Power Yoga:* Traditional Hatha Yoga combined with strength-based moves.

Studio C

Indoor Cycling: A group exercise class conducted on stationary bikes. Offering a simulated ride on flat roads, rough hills and sometimes on a race against others. Those who participate find it to be an incredible cardiovascular workout that is available year round. The benefits of cycling can be both physical and mental, the time spent during class seems to fly by and it is definitely fun.

Please NOTE:

  • All classes are coed.
  • Child care is available during specified times.
  • Class schedule subject to change.
  • $ Program provided for additional cost.
  • * Yoga mats available for member use.