Patient Billing

Laureate patient billing is managed by Warren Clinic patient account services.

Patients are expected to:

  • Verify that the chosen physician is a participating provider with his/her insurance plan.
  • Understand insurance benefits prior to scheduling a visit. Patients are encouraged to consult with their insurance carrier for specific questions about coverage.

Preventive health services – Warren Clinic believes in the importance of preventive health. Certain preventive health measures may be recommended that, although important, may not be covered by a patient’s particular health insurance plan. Before coming in for a preventive health visit, patients should check their healthcare plan to learn what, if any, items may not be covered by the insurance.

Service and diagnosis code change requests – It is considered a “fraudulent act” for a healthcare provider to change a diagnosis or type of service solely for the purpose of enhancing payment from insurance companies. Requests for service or diagnosis code changes must be made in writing to Warren Clinic Coding and Compliance.

Warren Clinic Coding and Compliance
6600 South Yale, Suite 1200
Tulsa, OK 74136
Medicare Medical Policy

  • Present all insurance cards at each visit. If the card is not available, patients are asked to contact Physician Billing Services (PBS) within 24 hours. Failure to provide insurance information at the physician visit may result in the patient being held responsible for the full amount of the charges.

  • Warren Clinic Physician Billing Services
    6600 South Yale, Suite 1400
    Tulsa, OK 74136
    Local 918-502-8200
    Toll Free 877-789-6001

    • Sign an authorization for the insurance carrier to send payments directly to Warren Clinic. This authorization must be completed at the initial visit and annually thereafter. Payments sent directly to the patient from an insurance company for services rendered by Warren Clinic must be immediately sent to Warren Clinic so that the provider can be paid for his or her services.
    • Make full payment of co-pays and deductible amounts on the day of the visit. Patient balances remaining after insurance payment must be paid within 15 days of statement receipt.
    • Notify Warren Clinic PBS of all address and phone changes of the patient and guarantor. The guarantor is responsible for payment of all balances regardless of receipt of a statement.


    Warren Clinic accepts several forms of payment including cash, check, money order, debit card, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. If a patient does not have insurance, a 20 percent prompt pay discount will be applied to medically necessary services if the full amount is paid on the day of the office visit.

    Saint Francis Health System is a non-profit organization and offers financial assistance to those who qualify. If a patient or responsible party is unable to pay the full amount, payment arrangements may be available.

    Laureate patient billing is managed by Warren Clinic patient account services.