ADD/ADHD Treatment

Like many medical problems, ADHD can be treated, but not “cured.” The treatment of ADHD depends upon the type and severity of symptoms presented, coexisting problems in the child (such as learning disabilities, severe conduct problems, depression, etc.), school setting and family stressors. Some individuals show dramatic improvement with a relatively low level of intervention, such as use of medications along with parent and patient education. In other situations, more aggressive intervention is required such as behavior modification programs implemented at home and in school, altering the school program or individual treatment for parents with psychiatric disorders. Sometimes interventions designed to reduce stress in the family, such as marital counseling or divorce mediation, are necessary.
Individual and family therapy is available to those patients who would benefit from this type of treatment. With ADHD, there are some interventions in therapy that can help patients learn more effective coping skills. Teaching self-control, self-regulation and coping helps those with ADHD better manage their decision making and behavior. Since ADHD is a disorder that is manageable but not curable, it is important for parents to modify their parenting skills to help their children live with this disorder.
If it is necessary for a child to take medication for ADHD, medical staff at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital in Tulsa, OK, can prescribe medication that could help control some of the symptoms of ADHD. A member of our team will monitor and manage the medication and dosage a child is taking.

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