Talk With Your Loved One

Use these guidelines to help you talk with your loved one, if you suspect he or she may have an eating disorder:
  • Provide your observations and guidance while remembering to listen to your loved one's thoughts and feelings as well.
  • Speak with compassion and concern. Try to avoid judging or criticizing.
  • Avoid focusing on appearance. Comments such as, "You're looking far too thin," or "You're looking great," encourage body image obsessions.
  • Explain what you suspect by describing the problematic behaviors. State your observations.


    "I'm noticing you are skipping meals."

    "You're eating less at each meal."

    "You're exercising more, and it's obvious that you're losing a large amount of weight."

    "I'm concerned for your health."

Learn More About The Laureate Eating Disorders Program

Please call us with questions at 918-491-3702. If you’re outside the Tulsa metro area, please call 800-322-5173. There is no cost for the screening call and no obligation to proceed with treatment.