Intensive Program

Laureate's intensive program spans acute-care hospitalization, residential care and partial hospitalization. The time in a given level of care is determined by the treatment team in consultation with the patient and family, with the goal of promoting less restrictive care so that each patient can increasingly take charge of her own recovery in a gradual and safe manner.
Patients in the intensive program, regardless of care level, participate in 11 hours of therapeutic programming each day with physicians, therapists, dietitians, nursing staff and other treatment professionals. Each patient keeps the same physician, therapist and dietitian as she transitions through each level. From admission through discharge, patients are surrounded by the same team of professionals who have guided care and provided support throughout treatment.

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The Intensive Program Includes:


(24-hour hospitalization program)
Our acute-care hospital serves women with eating disorders who need close supervision for psychiatric and/or medical reasons. During this phase of care, emphasis is placed on safely establishing physical and psychological well-being. Physicians personally assess each patient daily and, in concert with 24/7 nursing services, provide necessary care to ensure medical stability and nutritional rehabilitation. In addition to medical interventions, patients participate in all aspects of the therapeutic program, including individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, nutrition therapy and psychoeducational groups.

Residential Care

(24-hour supervised open environment)
Once a patient is psychologically, nutritionally and medically stable, she can transition to our on-campus residential care unit. Although some patients may remain in the acute-care unit for a brief time to further support recovery, most move to a supervised home/dormitory-like setting on the hospital grounds.
Like the acute-care unit, the residential unit is supervised 24/7 by on-site nursing staff, but the house itself is an open setting that permits more freedom and opportunities to practice recovery skills. Each patient continues to participate in the full treatment program and she continues to meet with her attending physician on a routine basis. In addition, patients participate in off-campus outings and are eligible for therapeutic day passes, both of which encourage development of self-management in "real world" settings.

Partial Day Program

(Day program emphasizing community integration)
This level of care is for women who have demonstrated growing responsibility for their own recoveries and who are preparing for discharge. Participation in the full treatment program and weekly physician meetings continue, but patients take more responsibility for their day-to-day care. Adults usually stay in on-campus transitional living accommodations but may live in the community if the treatment team agrees with that arrangement. Adolescents usually stay with a parent in the Tulsa community but may live on campus, if appropriate.
Laureate contracts with most major insurance carriers, and services provided in the intensive program and outpatient program usually are covered by insurance. We provide insurance verification, obtain pre-authorization and manage ongoing insurance reviews for each of our patients. You can speak with our insurance analyst at 800-322-5173 to find out which Laureate services are covered by your insurance.