Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average length of stay? That depends on the unique needs of each person. Some patients stay four to six weeks; others, for several months. After completing our program, adult patients have the opportunity to enter our group home, where everyone is in school, working or volunteering in the community. Upon discharge from either our program or group home, each patient gets help in arranging her outpatient team in her hometown.

Can you treat patients with medical complications? Yes. Laureate is the psychiatric hospital of the Saint Francis Health System, and has direct access to any medical specialty practitioner or units within the system.

How often do patients see a therapist for individual psychotherapy? Twice per week. In addition, their individual therapist is present in family therapy, groups and meals, up to an additional 20 hours per week.

How often do the patients see a physician? Once per day for patients in acute care; three times per week for patients in residential care and twice per week for patients in partial care.

Do you have any sort of exercise program? Yes, once a patient is medically and psychologically stable and in the appropriate weight range. The prescribed exercise plan, which is determined by the treatment team, may include an exercise group, walks/jogs or other appropriate activities.

Do you offer family therapy? Yes. Routine family contact and family therapy is a critical element of our program. In addition, we host a monthly Family Week, a three-day intensive program for family members.

How much time do partial-care patients spend at the facility? Our partial-care patients attend the full-day clinical program, as do our acute and residential patients. Patients in partial care are eligible to leave campus for outings and "practice trips" home, as prescribed by the treatment team.

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