Proxy Access for Family Members

MyChart proxy access allows a parent or legal guardian to access their family member’s useful medical chart information. Parents can utilize MyChart to access their children’s information, schedule an appointment, print immunization records and more. MyChart account holders may also help manage information for an aging parent or relative with help in scheduling appointments, reviewing hospital discharge information or monitoring medications.

What access is a MyChart proxy given?
Access varies based on the age of the patient.
  • Parent/Child: this provides access to your minor child's MyChart record up to age 18 (with exceptions).
  • Adult-Adult: this provides access to another adult's MyChart record with the written authorization of the subject (with exceptions).
  • Legal Guardian: this provides access to the MyChart account of a patient for whom you have documented legal authority to make healthcare decisions. Proof of legal guardianship is required.
    How do I request MyChart proxy access?
    Complete and submit one of the printable MyChart proxy forms provided below and return it to the patient’s physician office for review and approval.
    MyChart proxy form for child
    What happens next?
    Once a proxy consent form is submitted and approved at the physician office, the patient’s MyChart account will then be linked to the proxy’s account for family access. Please allow at least one week for processing of a proxy request. Notification of proxy activation will be sent to the parent’s/caregiver’s MyChart account.