Our Radiologists

The mammography radiologists at the Saint Francis Breast Center are devoted to your breast health. They will work all the way through any breast problem you may have and focus on providing information you need to address your specific issues.
If one of the mammography radiologists finds a problem on your routine screening mammogram, you will receive a call to schedule a work-up, which may include special mammogram views and ultrasound. If you have a breast lump or other problem that you or your primary care physician have identified, you will be scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram. The findings and recommendations will be discussed with you on the day of your work-up appointment and your questions will be answered.
There are seven mammography radiologists dedicated to the Saint Francis Breast Center. Between them, they share over 45 years of experience. At least one of the members of the radiology team will be on-site at all times. Each member of the team of radiologists has chosen to be a part of Saint Francis Breast Center because he or she each has a special interest in mammography. They are trained in all aspects of imaging work-up, including mammotome core needle biopsies.
With this selected group of radiologists reading the mammograms for the Breast Center, the accuracy of reading the mammograms improves. The radiologists consider it a plus that they can consult with one another about cases on a regular basis, as well as review challenging diagnoses together. This team approach also provides patients with greater consistency of care and a more standardized and efficient process. Options for imaging include mammography, ultrasound and MRI, as well as needle biopsies.
Saint Francis Breast Center provides comprehensive breast imaging services to eastern Oklahoma. The radiologists at the Breast Center have made a commitment to bring many different tools together to give patients all of the information they need.

Learn More About Mammogram Screenings

Saint Francis Breast Center offers mammogram screenings for patients throughout eastern Oklahoma. For additional questions or to schedule a mammogram, please call us at the facility nearest you:

Saint Francis Breast Center      Breast Screening Center at
6475 South Yale Avenue      Saint Francis Broken Arrow
Natalie Medical Building, Suite 410      2950 South Elm Place
​Tulsa, OK  74136 ​     Broken Arrow, OK 74012
918-494-9270; (fax) 918-502-9523      918-494-9270