Breast Biopsy Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Here are some questions to ask your doctor before having a breast biopsy. It may help to bring a family member or friend along to help take notes.

  • What type of biopsy do you recommend? Why?
  • How does the size of my breast affect the procedure?
  • Where will you do the biopsy?
  • Will there be a hole there? Will it show afterward?
  • What exactly will you do?
  • How long will the biopsy take?
  • Will I be awake or asleep during the biopsy?
  • Will there be stitches?
  • Can I drive home afterward or will I need someone to drive me?
  • When can I take a shower?
  • When can I go back to work? Will I be tired?
  • Will my activities be limited?

View this printable list of questions to take to your appointment and ask your doctor.

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