Facts and Figures

We're serving lots of kids-one little life at a time.

Kids and sickness often go hand-in-hand. Which is why we're proud to offer some of the premier pediatric services in our region. In 2010, The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis had more than 355,000 patient encounters. We admitted more than 7,500 children during that year, with an average number of children hospitalized per day at 99.5.

With 162 beds, 48 percent of which are dedicated to intensive care, we're often at full capacity. Our Pediatric Emergency Center saw more than 14,000 children in 2010 - which is an amazing growth from previous years due to expanded service hours and additional staff. Our Lab and Pathology department handled a heavy load of more than 425,000 lab tests; we provided more than 1,700 inpatient surgeries and 2,713 outpatient surgeries. Our radiology procedures surpassed 38,000 and respiratory treatments topped 153,000.

Our teams stay very busy and they need your support to continue providing the excellent level of care offered at The Children's Hospital. Together, we'll not only meet the current need, we'll exceed all expectations for pediatric care in this region.