Mission, Values and Philosophy

The Children's Hospital Foundation at Saint Francis

Mission Statement
To welcome and foster charitable giving to The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis to provide and care for the special spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children and their families.

The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis

Philosophy of Care
At The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis, kids come first. Here children and parents find physicians and staff specially trained to treat kids - not like tiny adults - but as special patients with their own needs and concerns.

The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis
Purpose Statement
To be the recognized leader for children's health in the region demonstrating excellence in clinical quality, service excellence and efficiency in a patient-centered, family focused environment.


Promoting high standards of service and performance

Respecting each person as an inherently valuable member of the human community and as a unique expression of life

Advocating for systems and structures that are attuned to the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged and that promote a sense of community among all persons

Encouraging honesty, consistency and predictability in all relationships

Ensuring prudent use of talents and resources in a collaborative manner