Meet the 2013 Children’s Miracle Network “Champion Child” at The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis!

Within Jonathan Fussell’s 6-foot-4-inch frame beats his third heart. The Children Miracle Network’s “Champion Child” was born with a heart that wasn’t working right. At just nine months old, he had a heart transplant. Then last April, he experienced sudden cardiac arrest at school; and by May, he’d received heart number three.
He’s 16 and driving now, but it’s been a tough road. Jonathan has also been diagnosed with a blood disorder and insulin-dependent diabetes. His kidneys have been damaged from the medications he’ll have to take for the rest of his life. Yet along the way, Jonathan discovered a talent and passion for art.
His quiet strength, quick wit and mega-watt smile will play important roles in his future. After volunteering at the Oklahoma Aquarium, he plans to study marine biology at Texas A&M University in Galveston. And next summer he will visit China as a student ambassador—proving to himself and to the world that transplant recipients can live full, healthy and productive lives.