When Theresa Kiger and her husband discovered their baby daughter, Kally, would be born with a serious heart defect, their search for the best pediatric cardiologist began. “When we met Dr. Nikaidoh at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis, we knew his experience was what Kally needed,” says Theresa.
In vitro tests confirmed the baby had heterotaxy, a disorder where internal organs are arranged differently; and also a one-ventricle heart. “Dr. Nikaidoh really kept us informed,” says Theresa. “She had surgery the day after she was born and he prayed with us right before. Adding his faith to ours
was so comforting.”
Today, Kally is walking and talking, much like any child her age. “I don’t think about her heart problems all the time,” Theresa says. “I know there is a reason we have been given Kally.”