​Peyton DuShane loves anything with wheels. From his favorite movie Cars to his Tow Mater Halloween costume to his collection of toy trucks and cars, Peyton’s obsession is typical of many four-year-old boys. What’s not typical is the syndrome that’s now a prominent part of Peyton’s life.

In 2009, Dr. Michael Kayser at the Warren Clinic Center for Genetics diagnosed Peyton with a rare genetic disorder known as Hurler syndrome. As a result, it is necessary for Peyton to receive weekly enzyme therapy in the Children's Day Hospital at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis.

“The care and support shown to us by the doctors, nurses and staff at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis has been wonderful,” says Peyton’s mom, Mary. “Dr. Kayser and his receptionist, Judy, have been so nice and understanding through it all. They always get back to me when I have a question. They will do anything possible to help us get the treatments available for Peyton. ”