Services & Specialties

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis in Tulsa, OK, offers a full spectrum of children's services, but the real specialty is kids! World-class physicians who are passionate about their specialties make The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis a regional leader in treating seriously ill children.

Specialized Children's Services Support Healing
and Wellness

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis offers numerous programs and children's services for specific diseases, in addition to general care for those common illnesses in pediatrics. So, whether your child needs an in-hospital stay, a trip to the Pediatric Emergency Center or a visit with one of our qualified pediatrics specialists, we’ve got the right staff member to deliver life-saving children's services to our young patients.

Pediatric Procedures and Treatments Include:

• Cardiac surgery: One out of every 100 babies is born with some type of congenital heart disease. The cardiac program at The Children’s Hospital seeks to detect heart problems before a child is even born.
• Genetic diagnostic testing: The root cause for many childhood diseases is often genetic related. The Children’s Hospital integrates state-of-the-art genetic diagnostic tests for patients and their families.
• Hematology/Oncology: The specialized team works with children who have cancer, sickle cell anemia or other types of blood disorders.
Henry Zarrow Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): The NICU team continually leads new programs that make a big impact on pediatrics patient outcomes.
• Neurology: These specialists work with patients and their families to help them better understand specific aspects of a disorder and provide the children's services and support needed to ease the concerns of parents and enrich each child’s life.
Pediatric Emergency Center (PEC): Serving more than 20,000 children annually, this child-friendly E.R. provides pediatric-specific emergency care for children.
• Pulmonology: These specialized children's services physicians offer care for children who have various problems associated with their lungs and breathing.

Additional Specialized Pediatrics Care Includes:

• Adolescent medicine
• Allergy
• Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
• Endocrinology
• Gastroenterology
• Immunology
• Infectious disease
• Neonatology
• Nephrology
• Ophthalmology
• Psychiatry
• Radiology
• Toxicology
• Urology

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