Car Seat Safety

Did you know most crashes occur close to home on roads with low speed limits? When used correctly, car seats can prevent injuries and save lives.

Car Seat Tips

Take a minute to be sure your child is riding safely. Study your vehicle owner's manual and car seat instructions carefully and follow these tips:
  • Never secure an infant in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger bag.* The back seat is the safest place for kids of any age.
  • Send in the car seat registration card to be notified in case your car seat is recalled. If you have any questions, call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline (800-424-9393).
  • Never use a car seat that has been involved in a crash.
  • Route the safety belt correctly through the car seat.
  • Correctly buckle the car seat into the vehicle.
  • Get a tight fit - the seat should not move more than one inch from side to side or toward the front of the vehicle.
  • Check your vehicle owner's manual to see if you need a locking clip. Not all safety belts will secure your car seat without it.
  • *Unless you have a manual cut-off switch and you have turned it off!

Facts You Should Know

Making your baby's world a safer place takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. Did you know that automobile crashes are the #1 cause of unintentional deaths in children? Following are some other safety tidbits every parent should know:
  • 70,000 children are injured annually and 850 die annually.
  • Car seats reduce injuries by 70 percent and deaths by 90 percent.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all infants and toddlers ride in a rear-facing car safety seat until they are two years of age or until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by the manufacturer of their car safety seat.
  • Follow car seat installation instructions carefully and completely.
  • Once you have protected your child, remember to buckle yourself up. Everyone needs to be protected in case a crash occurs.

Learn More About Safe Kids Tulsa Area

To learn more about Safe Kids or car seat safety, please call 918-494-SAFE (7233). 
Safe Kids Tulsa Area is the eastern Oklahoma affiliate of Safe Kids Worldwide-a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. The Tulsa coalition is led by The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis.