Safety Checklist

For Infants

  1. Never leave an infant unattended on a changing table.
  2. Never leave an infant unattended.
  3. Lay infant on his/her back.
  4. Keep fluffy blankets out of the crib.
  5. Never prop up infant's bottle.
  6. Always use an approved car seat and keep child buckled in.
  7. Do not feed the infant popcorn, beans, candies (M&Ms, etc.), gum or nuts until he/she is able to chew thoroughly.
  8. Make sure your infant's toys are age-appropriate.

For Toddlers

  1. Teach the child the meaning of "hot" and "cold."
  2. Keep kitchen cabinets latched.
  3. Keep all chemicals or harmful substances in tight containers out of reach and sight of the toddler.
  4. If you have a gun in the house, always keep it unloaded and locked up.
  5. Never leave a small child alone in the bathtub; make sure the water is always kept at a safe depth and temperature.
  6. Keep stairs guarded with gates to prevent falls.
  7. Have smoke detectors in the home. Make sure the batteries are charged and the detectors are in working order.