Important Layers of Protection

The following are recommended by Safe Kids Worldwide and the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

1) Active Parental Supervision - especially with young children, no talking on the phone, reading a book, running inside the house - even for a minute. Drownings are silent so just a short lapse in parental supervision can mean the difference between life and death.

2) Isolation fencing - Privacy fences with self-latching, self-closing gates (ideally with some kind of lock on the inside of the fence) keep kids from coming into your backyard pool area from the front yard. However, that doesn't keep a child, whether it's your own, a friend of your child's or the child of an adult visitor to your home, from wandering out to the backyard from inside the house and ending up in the pool. Isolation fencing is four-sided fencing (usually mesh or wrought iron) with a lockable gate that is self-latching, self-closing and nearly impossible for children to open on their own. Studies estimate that the use of isolation fencing could prevent 50 to 90 percent of drowning injuries and fatalities.

3) Key-operated motorized pool covers/Locking hot tub covers

4) Alarms on all doors leading from the house directly out to the backyard pool area when the house makes up part of the barrier to the pool (no isolation fencing).

5) Add anti-vortex drain covers on single drain pools and install dual drains in every new pool constructed. Follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission's new standards on pool and hot tub drains.  
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