Pool Safety Tips


1) If a child is missing, check in the pool first.
2) Swimming lessons, while important, are not insurance against drowning. Active adult supervision is still critical.
3) Do not use water wings, floaties or donuts as flotation devices. If your child can't fully swim independently, use a Coast Guard-approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
4) Teach children to stay away from drains. Keep hair tied back/pinned up.
5) Make sure swimmers are aware of pool depth before diving.
6) Learn CPR/have instructions poolside.
7) Always keep a phone poolside for emergency use.
8) Get all toys out of the pool when done swimming. Do not use floating chlorine dispensers that look like toys.
9) Utilize the Water Watcher program which designates an adult to be responsible for protecting all children in the pool area.