Pediatric Emergency Center

The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis Pediatric Emergency Center (PEC) makes all the difference when dealing with a crisis in Tulsa, OK. A trip to the emergency department can be stressful for anyone; but for children – and parents with a sick or injured child – it is especially so. The PEC offers a full range of primary and tertiary sub-specialty care from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week.

Saint Francis is Prepared for Pediatric Emergencies

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis Pediatric Emergency Center opened in July 2008 to meet the medical emergency needs of young patients. From appendix trouble to car crashes, the PEC provides pediatric emergency services for infants, children and families throughout the Tulsa, OK, community. The PEC provides child-sized equipment and private rooms, as well as doctors trained in pediatric emergency medicine.

The “go to” pediatric emergency center for the most critically ill children in eastern Oklahoma, the PEC treats approximately 22,000 children every year. The PEC is located adjacent to the Saint Francis Trauma Emergency Center (TEC) on the east side of Saint Francis Hospital, 6161 South Yale Avenue.

Families may access the PEC through the main Emergency entrance, where patients have access to:
  • Child-friendly treatment rooms
  • Child-life specialists available to help support patients and families
  • PEC medical physicians, pediatricians, pediatric nurses and staff specifically trained in pediatric emergency medicine.
  • Pediatric specialists available for consultation
The Saint Francis Pediatric Emergency Center provides high quality and technologically-advanced emergency medical care to ill and injured children in the Tulsa community, as well as the surrounding areas. Subspecialty trained pediatric emergency medicine physicians staff the PEC with nursing staff members who are specially trained in all aspects of  pediatric emergency.

Directions To The PEC From Within The Children's Hospital: 

(From B level)
  • Take the elevators in The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis up to B level
  • Exit left toward the stained glass, then left again across what hospital staff call the “B- connector,” which connects The Children’s Hospital to the main hospital
  • Go past the Blue North elevators on your left
  • Go past the Renal Dialysis area on your right
  • When you come to a "Y" in the hallway, veer to the left
  • Follow the hallway straight towards the Food Court
  • Pass the public restrooms on your right
  • When you reach the glass windows that look into the vending area, take a right and enter the Orange Central elevators
  • Take the Orange Central elevator up to the first floor
(From the first floor)
  • Exit on the first floor, take a left and follow the red signage directing you to the Trauma Emergency Center (TEC)
  • Pass the Pre-Op Clinic on your right and turn left at the corner
  • Take the next right -- you should see red signage which directs you to the TEC, which is also adjacent to Radiology
  • While still following red signage, be sure to take a right before Surgery Admit
  • Continue down the hallway and take the next left following the red signs to the TEC
  • The check in window is straight ahead on the right of PEC and TEC and just past Radiology

Additional Information About Pediatric Emergency Care

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   that includes 25 emergency treatment areas specifically built for kids.

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