Medical genetics is the field of medicine that studies genetic changes and how they influence growth, development and health. Our genes may determine physical and behavioral traits but they can also make us susceptible to disease.

Pediatric genetic services at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis include consultation, diagnosis, counseling and treatment of existing or suspected genetic and/or metabolic conditions in infants, children and adolescents. As a result, individuals, families, and healthcare providers may get the information they need to plan medical treatment for a specific condition.
Services Include:
Pediatric Genetics
·  Screening for birth defects
·  Testing for genetic diseases
·  Assessment of physical/developmental delay
·  Treatment of metabolic disorders

·  Interpretation of results for infants with abnormal newborn 
   metabolic screening
·  Assisting individuals with a known or suspected biochemical disorder
·  Nutrition counseling to support patients in metabolic disorder management

For more information on pediatric genetic services provided at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis or physician consultation, please call 918-502-2280.
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