Neonatal Intensive Care

​The Henry Zarrow Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis – previously known as the Eastern Oklahoma Perinatal Center (EOPC) – has been the site of life-saving neonatal services and miraculous recoveries since 1978. Servicing approximately 850 newborns and their families annually, the NICU is a regional center of care for Oklahoma and neighboring states.

Our Premier Neonatal Facilities

The NICU is a regional neonatal intensive care unit with services specifically designed for babies born with special care needs. Whether your baby is born at Saint Francis Hospital or is transported from a surrounding hospital by our trained neonatal team, he or she will receive the most technologically advanced medical care available.
Located on the 5th floor of The Children’s Hospital, our 30,000-square-foot neonatal unit has 58 beds, 38 of which are private rooms with six semi-private/twin rooms and an eight bed stabilization unit located near the Labor and Delivery area. The  NICU takes great pride in receiving a Level IV distinction from the American Academy of Pediatrics - the highest rating available to an NICU. Neonatal services are provided by several board-certified neonatologists who offer around-the-clock coverage seven days a week.

Support Extends Beyond Our NICU Walls

We offer neonatal technology at its finest. But, we know that “TLC” can be just as important as the medical care we give. Your baby and family will receive care beyond the medical boundaries in a caring, family-centered atmosphere. We designed our NICU with your family and the developmental needs of your newborn baby in mind. Private rooms with adjustable, subdued lighting, a sleeping area and breastfeeding/pumping area are features of each of our neonatal rooms. As your baby’s status allows, you will be encouraged to hold and progress to the diapering, feeding and bathing of your baby. The entire NICU staff is eager to help you and answer any questions.
You are welcome to bring personal clothing, blankets and small toys for your baby. Please do not bring any item of monetary or emotional value, as we cannot guarantee against loss or breakage.
Taking a neonatal newborn home often causes some anxiety. You will have the opportunity to “practice” caring for your new baby with our neonatal staff before going home. Our NICU staff works closely with new parents to ease this transition by providing information and one-on-one discharge teaching. We always have your best interests at heart.

Neonatal Services at The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis

Read our patient information to find out more about your stay at The Children’s Hospital. For additional questions, please call us at 918-502-6550.

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