Therapeutic Hypothermia in Neonates

The Henry Zarrow Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis is committed to providing lightning-fast, life-saving care for newborns with even the most severe conditions. Our therapeutic hypothermia program helps term or near-term infants whose neurological function has been compromised (neonatal encephalopathy)—which in turn may cause respiratory problems, depressed reflexes or possibly seizures.

Therapeutic hypothermia can increase the chances of survival by decreasing the demands on their bodies while the brain rests and responds to other interventions. Our dedicated, specially trained NICU team is ready to respond within six hours of your baby’s birth. Overall, the treatment lasts 72 hours, including careful monitoring of several physiologic and blood-related factors with simultaneous use of ultrasound and EEG studies.

For more information about this life-saving therapy, please call Saint Francis HealthLink at 918-488-6688 or speak to your pediatrician.

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