NICU Transport Team

As a Level IV NICU, the Henry Zarrow Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is proud to provide our Oklahoma-area and surrounding communities with the highest level of care available to newborns with critical needs, which includes rapid-response transport from referring hospitals to our NICU for specialized care. 

Our transport team is comprised of registered nurses and respiratory therapists with specialized training in stabilizing and transferring patients. We travel to more than 20 smaller referral hospitals throughout Eastern Oklahoma and the bordering states of Missouri and Arkansas. In fact, about 35 percent of infants admitted to the Henry Zarrow NICU are born at other hospitals, with the transport team contributing to an average of 300 admissions each year.

For more information about our life-saving care, and all of the services we offer at our regional NICU, please call 918-502-6550.