Asthma Health Information

Asthma is a chronic illness, causing symptoms that come and go throughout the year. Some children only show asthma symptoms once in a while. Some children limit their activity to prevent symptoms. Others have frequent asthma attacks and poor sleep due to coughing. It is a leading cause of hospital stays and missed school days.

Asthma can cause swelling and narrowing of the airways. This makes it hard to move air through them. Not only is asthma scary, but it can be life-threatening, as well. Control and prevention are essential in the treatment of asthma.

The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis has respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nurses and a certified asthma educator who can help you and your child understand asthma. 

During your hospital stay, an asthma action plan will be developed for your child. You will also learn how to use the asthma medicines that your child will be taking. You will learn how to work as a partner with your doctor so you can manage your child's asthma symptoms at home. This will reduce:

  • Visits to the emergency room
  • Admissions to the hospital
  • Missed school days
  • Missed work days for you