Craniofacial Clinic

​The Craniofacial Clinic at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis diagnoses and treats infants, children and teens with deformities of the bones in the skull and face, such as clefts and craniofacial abnormalities. Our reconstructive surgery specialists are specially trained and have extensive experience in all types of procedures, with a specialty in cleft palate surgery.

Surgical Care for the Whole Child

Our craniofacial specialists tailor a unique plan of care for every child they see, with an emphasis on providing all aspects of care to treat the whole child. That means meeting all of your child's medical and surgical needs related to their condition – feeding, growth, hearing, breathing, vision and dental - as well as physical and psychosocial needs. Our goal is to help them appear, feel and function as normally as possible when they enter school.

See a Cleft Palate Surgery Specialist

Should you have any questions or need further information, please call The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis at 918-502-6000.

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