CPR-Basic Life Support Training

CPR-Basic Life Support Training

You are responsible for signing out a Basic Life Support textbook from the Department of Education. Extra textbooks will not be available during class. You may borrow the textbook no sooner than one week before your class.

Cost:  $47.00 for book, card and course.
Call to make payment to Lucy Whittaker 918-494-1190.


BLS Training Course Outline


  1. Course Introduction and Announcements
  2. 2010 Guidelines & ECC Science Update
  3. BLS/ CPR Basics for Adults
  4. 1-Rescuer CPR with AED Demo
  5. Assessment and Scene Safety
  6. Chest Compressions for Adult Victims
  7. Airway & Breathing
  8. Adult Compressions and Breaths Practice
  9. 1-Rescuer Adult BLS Practice Session
  10. Breaths with Bag-Mask Ventilation for Adult Victims
  11. 2-Rescuer Adult BLS/ Team CPR Sequence
  12. Defibrillation: AED Introduction and Use
  13. AED Special Situations and Safety
  14. Using the AED Trainer
  15. 1 & 2 Rescuer Adult BLS with AED Practice Session
  16. Introduction to Child BLS/ CPR
  17. Chest Compressions for Child Victims
  18. Introduction to Infant BLS/ CPR
  19. 1 & 2 Rescuer Infant BLS/ CPR Demo
  20. 2-Finger Chest Compressions for Infant Victims
  21. Breaths with Bag-Mask for Infant Victims
  22. 2-Rescuer Infant CPR/ 2 Thumb-encircling Hands Chest Compressions for Infant Victims
  23. 1 & 2 Rescuer Infant BLS/ CPR Practice Session
  24. AED for Infants & Children from 1 to 8 Years of Age
  25. CPR with an Advanced Airway
  26. Rescue Breathing
  27. Mouth-to-Mouth Breaths for Victims 1 Year of Age and Older
  28. Adult/ Child Choking (Responsive)
  29. Adult/ Child Choking (Unresponsive)
  30. Infant Choking (Responsive)
  31. Infant Choking (Unresponsive)
  32. Course Summary and Closure
  33. Written Test
  34. 1 & 2 Rescuer Adult BLS with AED Skills Test
  35. 1 & 2 Rescuer Infant BLS Skills Test
  36. Evaluation
  37. Remediation if necessary
  39. **Class time will vary based upon the number of students in the class and the student to manikin ratio**

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