Genetic Services

​The Saint Francis Center for Genetic Testing leads the way in terms of diagnosis, counseling and treatment of existing or suspected genetics conditions in children and adults.
Genetic testing involves examining chromosomes, DNA, enzymes or metabolites from a sample of blood, body fluids or tissues. The testing is used to determine genetic changes that might indicate a disease or disorder. This is particularly important in predicting conditions and birth defects affecting children, diagnosing certain illnesses and understanding predisposition to cancers or other diseases with a genetic component.
The genetics team at Saint Francis Health System is unique indeed. It provides specialized testing offered at few or no other laboratories in the United States. As a result, samples are received from across the U.S. and Canada, as well as from international clients and institutions.
The sophistication of our screening lab and confirmatory test equipment – combined with immediate access to the health system’s physicians and other resources – make our genetics department a rare advantage for patients.

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