Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid

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TURNAROUND TIME: 8 to 11 days

TESTING METHODOLOGY: Chromosome analysis of metaphase cells
  • Collect: 20-30 mL amniotic fluid in sterile centifuge tubes or bottles; discard the first 2 mL collected to reduce risk of maternal cell contamination.
  • Min. Collection: 7 mL amniotic fluid; low specimen volumes and grossly bloody specimens may require additional culturing resulting in longer turnaround times; volumes < 7 mL may result in lack of adequate cells for analysis.
  • Transport: 20-30 mL amniotic fluid in sterile centrifuge tubes of bottles at 20-25oC
  • Stability: Ambient: 24 hours; Refrigerated: 24 hours Frozen: unacceptable
  • Unacceptable Conditions: Frozen or non-sterile specimens
A Prenatal Diagnosis Information Form and a Cytogenetics Laboratory Test Requisition Form must accompany the specimen. Contact the Cytogenetics Laboratory at 918-502-1722 to obtain further information.
Methods: Giemsa band (G-band) analysis at approximately a 550 band level; 2 karyotypes, analysis of 5 metaphase cells and count of 15 metaphase cells from separate colonies or 20 metaphase cells from monolayers
Test Variables: This study involves culturing of living cells. Therefore, turnaround times given represent average times which are subject to multiple variables.
Indications for Use:
  • Increased risk of a chromosome abnormality in the fetus based on maternal serum prenatal screening tests
  • Fetal abnormality detected on ultrasonography
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Previous offspring with a chromosome abnormality
  • Family history of a chromosome abnormality