Pregnancy-Related Tests

​Pregnancy-related lab tests conducted at the Center of Genetic Testing at Saint Francis include amniocentesis, as well as various blood tests designed to determine if both mother and baby are healthy. Some of the tests are performed at specified times throughout the pregnancy. Others are ordered by physicians as needed to detect and address conditions or problems that arise during pregnancy.
Pregnancy-related tests performed at the Center for Genetic Testing:
  • Provide useful information from the time pregnancy is first considered through the initial days of the newborn's life
  • Are offered to women who have increased risks due to their age or lifestyle
  • Are selectively chosen based on the personal and family medical histories of the woman and her partner
Additionally, pregnancy-related tests conducted at the Center for Genetic Testing:
  • Screen for and diagnose any existing problems that may affect the mother’s or baby’s health
  • Identify and address problems as they arise
  • Assess the risk of a baby having a chromosomal or genetic abnormality
The tests generally require just a small sample of easily obtained blood, urine or cervical cells.