Adult Genetics

As many as 12 percent of adult hospital admissions are for genetic causes. Also, 10 percent of the chronic diseases which occur in the adult populations have a significant genetic component, and up to 10 percent of all cancers have an inherited susceptibility.

The Center for Genetics at Saint Francis cares for adults who are at risk to inherit an adult-onset genetic condition or those seeking treatment for a pre-diagnosed genetic disorder.

An evaluation should be considered for any individual with a strong family history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other potentially inherited conditions. Depending on the individual case, a person may undergo predictive, pre-symptomatic or diagnostic tests to identify genetic risk factors. The evaluation will also include consultation about options for management or treatment.

Potential reasons for adult genetic evaluation include an adult with a:

  • Genetic condition who would like periodic monitoring by a specialist
  • Family history of a genetic condition
  • Strong family history of common adult onset disorders such as heart disease, dementia or diabetes
  • Strong family history of cancer

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