Adult Genetics

Our genetic information plays an important role in many adult-onset diseases and conditions. To help determine your risks and guide you to better health, Saint Francis Genetics offers genetic counseling services.

Your Genetic Risks

Adults with a known genetic condition or with an increased chance of inheriting one may benefit from an evaluation with one of our genetic specialists.

Indications for genetic counseling include:

  • Personal or family history of an inherited hypercoagulability risk factor such as Factor V Leiden or Prothrombin
  • Personal or family history of a genetic condition such as hereditary hemochromatosis or polycystic kidney disease
  • Personal or family history of a hereditary cancer syndrome such as breast and ovarian cancer syndrome or Lynch syndrome

Your Genetic Consultation

A physical examination and genetic evaluation should be considered if you have a strong family history of an unknown condition. Your individual circumstances will determine whether predictive, pre-symptomatic or diagnostic tests may be necessary to identify the cause of an underlying condition. Genetic testing, if available and indicated, may be ordered. During your evaluation, we'll also discuss options for disease management or treatment.

Make an Appointment with Saint Francis Genetics

For more information, or to make an appointment with a genetic specialist, please call 918-502-8365. Our staff can assist with insurance authorization for your appointment and can coordinate insurance authorization for testing if indicated.

Physician Referral to Saint Francis Genetics

Physicians may refer a patient for genetic counseling or genetic evaluation by logging into EPIC or by using our Genetic Referral form.