Genetic Counseling

Saint Francis Genetics provides genetic counseling to help you and your family better understand a genetic condition. Our geneticist and genetic counselor are valuable resources for families coping with the diagnosis of a genetic condition and for those living with a genetic condition.

Genetic Counseling at Saint Francis

During a genetic counseling session, our genetic counselor may:

  • Provide medical information about the condition(s) in question
  • Describe patterns of inheritance and assess risks to other family members
  • Discuss appropriate genetic testing
  • Provide your family with information about educational and supportive resources
  • Talk with your family about the emotional, psychological and social consequences of a genetic condition
The goal of genetic counseling is not only risk assessment, but also to explain cause/inheritance of a disorder, availability of testing, prognosis and management/treatment options.

Make an Appointment with Saint Francis Genetics

For more information, or to make an appointment with a genetic specialist, please call 918-502-8365. We're dedicated to assisting you with insurance authorizations for appropriate testing. Start gathering your relatives' history by printing and completing this family history form. Bring it with you to your appointment with our genetic specialist.

Physician Referral to Saint Francis Genetics

Physicians may refer a patient for genetic counseling or genetic evaluation by logging into EPIC or by using our Genetic Referral form.

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