Patient FAQs

What are the Heart Hospital’s visiting hours?
Visiting hours vary depending upon your room assignment. Your friends and family may obtain information regarding room and visiting hours from the volunteers located at the Information Desk in the main lobby of the west wing. Visitors may also call 918-494-1115, 918-494-1116, or 918-494-1119 for this information.
I am scheduled for an outpatient heart cath or electrophysiology procedure at the Heart Hospital. What do I need to do to be prepared?
Following are some general guidelines: (Please also talk with your doctor or doctor’s office to be sure you understand what preparation is needed.)
  • Plan to arrive at the Heart Hospital two hours prior to your scheduled procedure time.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for six hours before your arrival time.
  • You may continue to take your regular medicines as ordered by your doctor with a sip of water. If you take diabetic or blood thinning medicines, be sure to check with your doctor to see if you should temporarily stop taking them prior to your procedure.
  • You must have a licensed driver with you to drive you home or your procedure will need to be rescheduled.
Please bring a current list of all medicines you take. The list needs to include the following:
  • The name and dosage amount of all medicines including prescriptions, over-the-counter, supplements, vitamins and herbals
  • How often you take each medicine
  • The time and date the last dose of each medicine was taken
It is important for someone to stay with you in the designated waiting area during your procedure. Your physician will discuss results, instructions for home care and follow-up (as needed) after the procedure is completed. Scheduled procedure times may vary. The length of time depends on the individual patient’s needs.
What “after care” services are available to me once I am discharged from the hospital?
Your physician will help direct you to services you need to recover. Home Health Care, a skilled nursing facility, Outpatient Cardiac Rehab and other services are available to help you. 
Whom should I call for help if I experience any symptoms once I have been discharged from the Heart Hospital at Saint Francis?
Your primary care physician or cardiologist should be able to assist you if your are experiencing any symptoms after discharge. If the symptoms are life-threatening, please call 911 immediately.