Heart Failure Program

The Heart Hospital at Saint Francis in Tulsa, OK, provides a continuum of services for patients with heart failure to support an active, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Although some conditions that cause heart failure are irreversible, you can manage the condition to improve your health and quality of life with a combination of lifestyle changes and medications.

Heart Failure Program Coordinates Care During and After Hospital Stay

While in the hospital, a clinical nurse specialist will guide patient care and assist with discharge plans. After discharge, staff will maintain communication with you to ensure that necessary care is provided by Home Health, Cardiac Rehab, a skilled nursing facility or follow-up care with your primary care physician. The pharmacy, nutrition services and certified counselors also support patients after discharge throughout the heart failure recovery process.


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Read about congestive heart failure and its symptoms or browse our comprehensive Heart Hospital cardiology services. For questions about our Heart Failure Program, please call us at 918-502-2050.

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