For Patients

Eating disorders are not just about weight and food. Some people use eating behavior, weight management practices and attitudes about food, weight and body shape to manage difficult feelings and relationships.

Early detection and effective treatment are essential to a successful recovery, and the choice of treatment options is very important. Laureate provides the necessary information to help determine the best treatment option for yourself or for a loved one. The first step to recovery is recognizing the problem. Take the self-screening test or find more on guidance for families and school professionals.

The second step to recovery is consulting with an eating disorders specialist. You can speak confidentially with one of our program professionals.

Learn More About Laureate Eating Disorders Program

Please call us with questions at 918-491-3702. If you’re outside the Tulsa metro area, please call 800-322-5173. There is no cost for the screening call and no obligation to proceed with treatment.