Adult Mental Health

Adult psychiatric services are provided to individuals who are experiencing severe symptoms of a mental health or chemical dependency disorder and require 24-hour nursing care and treatment. Individuals considered appropriate for admission are those who are a danger to self or others; someone who requires a medically supervised detoxification program to withdraw from drugs and/or alcohol; or someone who is unable to manage his/her care due to a psychiatric condition. Patients may be admitted either on a voluntary or involuntary basis.
Treatment is provided by an interdisciplinary treatment team of registered nurses and other nursing personnel, psychiatrists, mental health or chemical dependency counselors or therapists, nurse practitioner or physician, activity therapists, and when needed a dietitian or psychologist. Contact may be made with the patient's primary care physician or other care providers as part of the treatment process.

Two Distinct Phases of the Treatment Process

Assessment phase: where pertinent data is gathered from the patient and/or family by members of the treatment team. These assessments are reviewed by the treatment team and incorporated into an individualized treatment plan in coordination with the patient.
Stabilization phase: where the patient is educated about his/her treatment plan and begins to participate in all programming and treatment that is offered. Among the treatments provided are individual and family sessions by the psychiatrist, therapist or nursing staff; group therapy; activity therapy; medication management; and psycho-educational groups.
Discharge planning, including follow-up services/appointments and aftercare arrangements, is an integral part of each phase in order to address any continuing treatment needs. Attention is given to such issues as the patient's living situation, follow-up treatment from care providers, continued medications, need for individual family or marital therapy, use of leisure time, and job and vocational needs, if appropriate. Families are encouraged to participate throughout the treatment process. Length of hospitalization may vary depending upon diagnosis, age of the patient and the severity of illness; however, the average is approximately five days.

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