Saint Francis Cancer Registry

The cancer registry at Saint Francis Cancer Center is an important piece of our cancer program. This information system is designed for the collection, management and analysis of data on people diagnosed with malignant or neoplastic disease (cancer), and it helps us better understand the disease in our local population.

Cancer Registry Data

Maintaining a cancer registry ensures health officials have accurate and timely information.

The available data is also used for treatment, research and educational purposes:

  • Local, state and national cancer agencies use registry data in defined areas to make important public health decisions that maximize the effectiveness of limited public health funds, such as the placement of screening programs.

  • Cancer registries are valuable research tools for those interested in the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

  • Fundamental research on the epidemiology of cancer is initiated using the accumulated data.

  • Lifetime follow-up is an important aspect of the cancer registry. Current patient follow-up serves as a reminder to physicians and patients to schedule regular clinical examinations and provides accurate survival information.

Confidential Cancer Registry

Confidentiality of patient identifying information and related medical data is strictly maintained. Aggregate data are analyzed and published without any patient identifiers.

Each year data is compiled and released to the public in the from of tables. These primary site tables detail cancer cases the center has seen that year.

Contact Saint Francis Cancer Center

For more information about our cancer program, please call 918-556-3000.