Cancer Treatment

At the Saint Francis Natalie Warren Bryant Cancer Center, our oncology team delivers the most advanced and effective cancer treatment services available nationwide to our Tulsa, OK, community. In every situation, our patients play a vital role on the cancer treatment team and help determine their recovery approach. Ultimately, they make treatment decisions based on our specialists’ recommendations, possible second opinions and information gathered from other professionals on our expert care team.

Personalized Cancer Treatment Plans

Cancer treatment can be complicated and should be specific to cancer type and location. If you're diagnosed with cancer, a Saint Francis treatment specialist, or oncologist, will provide an overview of cancer care options available - and recommend the most effective treatment plan based on type of cancer, how far it has spread and other influential factors, like your age, general health and lifestyle.
Cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or immunotherapy. Because cancer refers to a class of diseases, it is unlikely that there will ever be a single cure for cancer. Cancer treatment researchers are studying options based on type and location to more accurately deliver therapy. 
If the diseased cells are confined to one location and have not spread (metastasized), surgery is the most common cancer treatment. This is often the case with lung, breast and colon cancers. If surgery cannot remove all of the cancer cells, additional treatment is delivered in the form of radiation, chemotherapy or both. Some cancers require a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Lymphoma, or cancer of the lymph glands, is rarely treated with surgery and more commonly treated through chemotherapy and radiation. (Chemotherapy uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body. Radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves to destroy or damage cancer cells.)

See a Cancer Treatment Specialist

For more information about Saint Francis cancer services and specialties, including our breast health services, or to schedule an oncology consultation, please call 918-494-2273.

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