Inpatient Oncology Patient Information

The Natalie Warren Bryant Inpatient Oncology Unit is located inside Saint Francis Hospital on 7 West. Please park in visitor parking B or C, and enter through the main hospital entrance (entrance one or two on campus map).

Inpatient Oncology 

6161 South Yale Avenue, 7 West
Tulsa, OK 74136  [Campus Map]

Patient Information


Helpful Tips

Below are some of the suggestions and tip sheets created to help cancer patients who have been admitted, as well as family members of these patients. These flyers can be printed or saved to one's own computer. 
Chemotherapy – Special Care at Home - Chemotherapy is helpful to those who need it, but can be harmful if handled incorrectly. This flyer details how to manage chemotherapy in the home.

Health Information for the Cancer Patient – This helps to define common terms used in cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as discuss the Nadir period and what to watch for during this time.

Quick Overview: General Nutrition Guidelines During Cancer Treatment - During chemotherapy or radiation the dietary goal is weight maintenance. This flyer offers guidelines to ensure the patient is getting enough calories and proteins.

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment - This is an in-depth booklet about nutrition. It includes recipes, guidelines, supplement information and much more.

Clinical Case Management – This flyer touches on the importance of a hospital discharge plan and how case management can help.

Palliative and Hospice Care - Palliative Care and Hospice Care are both helpful tools with a cancer diagnosis. This flyer describes both - what the differences are, and when each can be helpful.

Health Information