Lung Cancer Screening

Early detection of lung cancer is key to treatment and survival rate. Natalie Warren Bryant Cancer Center and Saint Francis Health System offer low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening, if you're at high risk for developing lung cancer. Our specialists use the CT scan to better detect lung cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages. According to the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, a low-dose CT scan may reduce lung cancer-specific mortality by 20%.        

Know Your Lung Cancer Risks

A lung cancer screening is recommended if your smoking history puts you in either of the following categories:

Age 55-80
  • You have a 30 pack-year history of smoking (i.e. 1 pack per day x 30 years, 2 packs per day x 15 years or the equivalent)
  • Asymptomatic
Age 50-54
  • You have a 20 pack-year history of smoking (i.e. 1 pack per day x 20 years, 2 packs per day x 10 years or the equivalent) AND one or more of the following:
    • Previous history of lung cancer and/or radiation therapy more than 5 years ago
    • First-degree relative with history of lung cancer
    • Documented COPD (FEV1 <70%)
    • Radon or other environmental exposure such as asbestos
    • Pulmonary Fibrosis

Your Lung Cancer CT Scan

Your lung cancer screening will be quick and pain free. We do not use contrast dye and the low-dose CT scan minimizes your exposure to radiation.

Your CT scan will be sent to you and your primary care physician. If nothing abnormal is found, it's recommended that you make another appointment in one year to track any changes. If the CT scan shows something abnormal, it could mean a few different things: lung cancer, other serious condition or it could be a "false positive." Additional procedures may be necessary to identify the abnormality.

Lung Cancer Screening Payment

Coverage varies by insurance plan and payer. If your screening is not covered by insurance, the $99 discounted fee will apply. Medicare and Medicaid do not cover CT lung cancer screening at this time.

Schedule Your Lung Cancer Screening at Saint Francis

For more information or to determine eligibility, please call our Lung Cancer Screening Program Coordinator at 918-494-6467 or 800-695-9501.

Saint Francis Health System is a Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) Screening Center of Excellence.


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