Outpatient Infusion Patient Information

As you receive treatment from Saint Francis Outpatient Infusion Services, we hope these suggestions and tip sheets will prove helpful. You may print these flyers or save them to your computer. We're also providing this list of local and national support services and cancer resources.

Milkshake Recipes - It is important to maintain weight during cancer treatment. This includes a few recipes that we recommend to be used in addition to meals to help increase energy.

Quick Overview: General Nutrition Guidelines During Cancer Treatment - During chemotherapy or radiation the dietary goal is weight maintenance. This flyer offers guidelines to ensure the patient is getting enough calories and proteins.

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment - An in-depth booklet about nutrition. It includes recipes, guidelines, supplement information and much more.

Health Information for the Cancer Patient - Defines common terms used in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Discusses the Nadir period and what to watch for during this time.

Energy Conservation - Helpful to all cancer patients.

Guidelines for Exercise - Fatigue remains one of the most common problems experienced by patients with cancer. Light exercise with increasing physical activity is one strategy for successful management of fatigue.

Managing Stress - Helpful to all cancer patients.

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