Saint Francis Radiation Oncology introduces the new Varian TrueBeam™ accelerator for image-guided radiation therapy. The TrueBeam™ system truly is innovative, intelligent and intuitive. With TrueBeam™, your Saint Francis team is able to provide safer, faster treatment with sub-millimeter accuracy. This advanced radiotherapy system widens treatment options for some of the most complex cancers in areas including the head and neck, lung, breast, abdomen and liver.
Before or at any point during a treatment, the TrueBeam™ system can generate three-dimensional images used to fine-tune tumor targeting in much less time (and with less X-rays) than was possible with earlier technologies. In fact, this remarkable system is able to safely deliver the highest radiation dose rate available in the industry.
Specialized treatments provided by the TrueBeam™ system include:
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)
  • Stereotactic body surgery (SBRT)
  • Intensity modulated radiation surgery (IMRT)
  • Respiratory gating
  • Image guided radiation therapy (IGRT)
  • Cone beam CT (CBCT)
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