Your Radiation Oncology Team

The Radiation Oncology team at Saint Francis is comprised of a highly-skilled and patient-focused group of professionals. Each member of the team has a vitally important role in delivering excellent care to each and every patient.

Medical Director
The medical director is responsible for all medical, administrative and research activities within the transplantation program. The director makes sure each individual treatment plan is delivered with quality, consideration and personalized attention.

Radiation Oncologist
A radiation oncologist is a physician who has completed a residency training program specifically designed for treating cancer with radiation therapy. The radiation oncologist designates the field to be treated and prescribes the dosage for total body irradiation. The radiation oncologist also closely follows a patient's progress and monitors side effects throughout the radiation treatment.

Radiation Therapist
The radiation therapist has undergone a specific training program focused on the theory and delivery of radiation therapy. It is the responsibility of the radiation therapist to carry out the prescription for total body irradiation.