Hospice Volunteer Program

Volunteers are an important part of the hospice program. This group of special individuals is largely made up of nurses and family members or friends of former hospice patients. Volunteers are available to give family members an opportunity to run errands or simply rest by providing companionship to the patient.

Caring for a hospice patient is sometimes emotionally and physically challenging, but utilizing the hospice volunteers gives family members a chance to rest when needed and an opportunity to provide better care for their loved one. 

Patient Care Volunteers provide companionship to the patient and respite for the caregiver. They can help by:
  • Making friendly visits
  • Reading to patients
  • Writing letters
  • Providing transportation
  • Running errands
However, many times the most important thing the volunteer offers is just being there to listen - sharing quiet moments of contemplation or providing a gentle touch of friendship.

Bereavement Volunteers offer support to the families and friends of deceased patients. During the grieving process, the bereavement volunteer is an invaluable resource for family members and friends, especially those who lack a solid support network.

Special Service Volunteers provide help to the hospice staff by typing, filing, sending cards and bereavement notes, and other office assistance.

Learn how to become a Saint Francis Hospice Volunteer.