Am I a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery candidates must meet the following National Institutes of Health guidelines:

  • Patients should be well informed and motivated to participate in treatment, lifestyle and behavioral changes, as well as long-term follow-up.
  • Morbid obesity has severely impaired the health, quality of life and daily activities of the patient.
  • Patients must be 100 pounds over ideal calculated weight or have body mass index (BMI)* of 40 or above, or a BMI of 35 to 40 with other health problems associated with obesity, such as sleep apnea, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.
  • A history of unsuccessful results from other weight-loss programs has been experienced by the patient.
  • Patients should be free of mental and physical indications that may potentially prevent a successful surgical outcome and beneficial lifestyle change.
*BMI is a weight and height calculation that measures body fat and health risks that are associated with being overweight.

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