Senior Specialty Unit

​The Senior Specialty Unit at Saint Francis Hospital is designed on the principles that healthcare must be tailored to the age of the patient. First, an older adult with the same illness as a younger adult has distinct needs and recovers at a different rate. An older adult’s illness may be complicated by other conditions or medications. Pharmacists and dieticians trained in the needs of older adults are available to assess and recommend needed changes.

Second, the faster a patient is up and around, the speedier their recovery. The senior care program encourages patients to follow a daily routine such as getting out of bed to read the paper, having breakfast and taking a walk around the unit. The unit is also equipped with a piano for patients and their visitors to enjoy.

Third, the design of the unit encourages family involvement – patient rooms are equipped with comfortable chairs and ample room for guests. There are no set visiting hours; spouses or caregivers are encouraged to order meals and eat in the rooms with the patients. Education is also provided to family members so they will know how best to help and encourage their loved ones.
Finally, the amenities surrounding the care enhance patient attitude and confidence. Simple things like toilet extensions, calendars with larger print and clocks with larger faces and numbers make life a little simpler.

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To learn more about the Senior Specialty Unit, please call 918-494-6150

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