Sleep Disorders Helpful Resources

There are a number of helpful books and resources you may consider exploring to build your understanding of sleep disorders and how they affect your life and the lives of people you love.


The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Sleep Disorders
Michael J. Thorpy, MD and Jan Yager
(New York: Facts on File, 1991)
The American Medical Association Guide to Better Sleep
Lynne Lamberg
(New York: Random House, 1984)
Sleep Disorders: America's Hidden Nightmare
Roger Fritz, PhD
(Grawn, MI: Publishers Distribution Service, 1993)
Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming
Edited by Mary A. Caskadon, PhD
(New York: Macmillan, 1992)
No More Sleepless Nights
Peter Hauri, PhD and Shirley Linde, PhD
(John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1990)
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
Richard Ferber, MD
(New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985)
Waking Up Dry: How to End Bedwetting Forever
Martin Scharf, PhD
(Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, 1986) 
Say Goodnight to Insomnia
Gregg Jacobs, PhD


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