Sleep Disorders Tests & Diagnosis

The Saint Francis Hospital Sleep Disorders Center offers a variety of tests that may be recommended, if you feel you are experiencing sleep disturbances. One, or a combination of these tests, may be used in determining the sleep disorder.

Preparing For Your Sleep Study
In preparation for a sleep study, a technician will attach electrodes to your scalp using an adhesive that is easily removed once your test is completed. Electrodes will also be attached to areas around your eyes, chin and legs. These electrodes will monitor brainwaves and eye and muscle movements during the night. A stretchy band will be placed around your chest and abdomen to monitor your breathing pattern. A corresponding air sensor will be placed under your nose to continually monitor the amount of air flowing through your nose. Your heartbeat will be monitored, as well as the level of oxygen in the blood. Blood oxygen levels will be monitored through a pulse oximeter. This is a small sensor clip that fits over the finger to detect the amount of oxygen in the blood.

After the electrodes are attached and you are ready for bed, the electrodes are plugged into a box that connects you to a computerized polygraph, the device that compiles information while you are sleeping.

Learn More About the Saint Francis Sleep
Disorders Center

To learn more about sleep disorders and treatment options available at Saint Francis Hospital, please call 918-502-5600.

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